Get Away To A Warmer Climate For Business

Years ago, Inver Grove Heights was a beautiful land rising gently from the banks of the Mississippi. It had good soil, rolling hills, and dense groves of hardwood trees. It held the promise of being a good place to grow.

Today, no place offers more fertile ground for a growing business to prosper. Trees still abound, growing up side by side with the businesses that call this place home. There’s good reason why both flourish here.

Our climate is one that suits itself well to fostering a higher quality of life. That’s why college, secondary and primary schools, parks, playgrounds and open spaces are a big part of our developing community.

And, like our environment, we value and do all that we can to care for our community businesses. We have business assistance programs that can help with site selection, and site design.

Other programs are readily available for relocation, expansion or start-up companies who are in need of business counseling. We even offer direction and support in the areas of business planning, marketing and managing growth.

Now, talking about a warm-weather climate for business may seem a bit out of place. Especially when it comes from a community set in a state known for its wind chill.

But, when you compare all that Inver Grove Heights has to offer – our programs, our land sites and our people- you’ll begin to understand what our community businesses have known all along. People and companies reach new heights of success in a warm-weather climate that’s open for business.

Business Is Looking Up

There’s a place that’s not too far from Minnesota’s metro core. But it’s at the heart of where the pulse of business beats strong.

It’s a place where good business and living come together to make more than good sense for anyone looking to start or relocate a business.

This place called Inver Grove Heights is where opportunity and the spirit of business soar to new heights. Bringing prosperity and a higher quality of life to those who come this way.

Business As Usual

Progress Plus represents a new concept in community and business development. Our mission is to do all that we can to help businesses relocate to Inver Grove Heights and to help businesses that are already here expand, grow and prosper. We can help you find buildings sites and existing facilities. We’re here to help make your relocation or expansion a smooth and efficient process. Give us a call. You’ll find that, for Progress Plus, knowing business is business as usual.


Southeast Quadrant
This gateway to the city is located at Interstate 494 and Highway 52. Recently constructed restaurants, hotels, a movie theater and other businesses have set the stage for future development. About 70 acres of prime commercial/retail land remain.

Heavy Industrial Zoning
The southeast sector of Inver Grove Heights holds opportunities for heavy industry. The addition of infrastructure to this area has opened up land for business that requires this type of zoning. About 100 acres are available.

Arbor Pointe
This area began with the construction of the Rottlund Homes project. It has grown to include park area, a golf course and a retail mall. Opportunities are available for additional commercial/retail development.


  • Mayor: George Tourville (651) 455-4465
  • City Administrator: Joe Lynch (651) 450-2511
  • City Planner: Alan Hunting (651) 450-2554
  • Public Works Director: Gary Johnson (651) 450-2571
  • Development Director: Tom Link (651) 450-2546
  • Chief of Police: Charles Kleckner (651) 450-2526
  • Economic Development: Jennifer Gale (651) 451-2266
  • Chamber of Commerce: Jennifer Gale (651) 451-2266