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A Great History…
South Saint Paul Minnesota was once a bounty for the Mdewakanton Sioux. But time changes and so the bounty.Here, time was driven on the hooves of cattle by drovers, ramrods and settlers. Over the years, our community grew and earned a reputation as home to proud and rugged individuals. People dead set on prosperity.Today you can still feel those historic roots, you can sense the opportunity and see the character in every part of Bridge Point, the most exciting developing business park here in the upper Midwest.But make no mistake. Despite the rich past, this is no ‘museum’ community. It’s as vibrant and stubbornly set on prosperity for its members today as it ever was in the past. Here, smiles come easily, handshakes are firm, buildings and business relationships are built to last.You see, a community weaned on rawhide and frontier life learns what it takes for its businesses to succeed. That’s what we work a little harder for and offer more to any business with a mind to join us.

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…A Greater Tomorrow

Any company that considers South Saint Paul soon finds that here they’re never in business alone. Every program we offer, every benefit we provide has been designed to help businesses succeed and individuals enjoy a better life.

Here you’ll find programs to help businesses with location selection, expansion and relocation services. We’ll even provide you with business programs in the areas of planning, marketing, growth and management services.

Those are things you won’t find in many business communities. But you’ll find an abundance of them here. And you’ll find something more. You’ll discover that we’re more than ready to do everything possible to help you successfully bridge the gap to a greater, more prosperous tomorrow.





  • Mayor: Jimmy Francis (651) 554-3284
  • City Administrator:  Steve King (651) 554-3203
  • City Engineer: John Sachi (651) 554-3210
  • City Planner: Peter Hellegers (651) 554-3217
  • Chief of Police: Mike Messerich (651) 554-3302
  • Economic Development Manager: Ryan Garcia (651) 554-3278
  • River Heights Chamber of Commerce & Progress Plus Economic Development President:
    Jennifer Gale (651) 451-2266