The Progress Plus Region

Inver Grove Heights and South St. Paul make up the Progress Plus Region. This region is within the seven-county Metropolitan Area, and offers extraordinary opportunities for open space development, re-development, purchase or lease as an entry point into a dynamic economic region.

The Progress Plus Region is exceptionally rich in transportation resources and infrastructure connectivity. The region is made up of communities known for an educated and motivated workforce, excellent schools and neighborhoods and a balance between commercial prosperity and community vitality.

To this end, the Progress Plus Region stands as a country-classic, metropolitan convenient area, as rich in space and resources as any urbanized core. As a result, the Progress Plus Region makes business easy because it is free of congestion and urban limitations, yet intrinsically linked to the Twin Cities marketplace through a wealth of commercial and consumer transportation.

Low cost of entry, opportunities for growth, a synergistic relationship with the communities and a complete spectrum of opportunities make the Progress Plus Region an urban-alternative for economic development.

It is a value-added investment that will pay rich dividends to those that recognize the ground-floor opportunities inherent in shaping the future of this dynamic region on the cusp of new growth.

South St. Paul

Seldom does an Upper Midwest American city offer the wide-open opportunity represented by South St. Paul. This is a community that has taken its historical roots as a bustling cattle commercial center and translated it into the best expression of an American can-do, get it done, the sky is the limit, optimism.

This optimism translates into superior support and extraordinary opportunity for businesses. In turn, it attracts development that is seeking a new area that celebrates and rewards entrepreneurial spirit and channels that energy into the creation of a vitally dynamic community.

As a result, South St. Paul is the neighbor and business partner that you’ve always wished for!

Inver Grove Heights

Inver Grove Heights is one of those fortunate and sought-after American cities where development delivers a truly balanced community environment.

This balanced community located within the Progress Plus Region, is a rare and treasured find and as such delivers continued value to its’ residents and opportunity to future home owners as well as those commercial prospects looking for commercial space and available open land. Inver Grove Heights recognizes the value of being green and has and will continue to preserve this balance as the future unfolds.

Inver Grove Heights represents the optimum balance of residential charm, economic vitality, community resources, commercial vibrancy and metropolitan connectivity.